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Exceptional Cybersecurity.

Basis Networks helps enterprises solve real-world business problems through the smarter use of both traditional and disruptive network and security technology.

Redefine business technology.

Accelerate digital transformation.

Highly Recommended
"We engaged Basis Networks in early 2017 to deliver a major Firewall/IPS uplift program across our national offices. The project had to deliver significant security and compliance requirements within an extremely condensed timeline and complex, difficult environment. The response we got from the Basis Networks team was nothing short of outstanding. Decipha was provided with a demonstration of outstanding capability, professional and structured delivery and immense commitment to a positive project outcome. A trusted and dependable partner who come highly recommended for their services."
Alan To
Security Governance Advisor, Decipha
Flexible and Responsive
"Basis Networks run a talented, high calibre team and are able to execute highly complex programs of work within tight timeframes. They offer flexibility, are responsive to our needs and are a highly valued partner of ours. "
Mark Sealey
Head of Technology, Decipha

A collaborative, strategic approach to your short-term and long-term objectives.


Combine proven experience with emerging technology for rapid success.


Realise the benefits of digitisation with smarter network and security solutions.


Improve network visibility, and optimise application performance for your users.


Secure your data with simple-yet-powerful pro-active cyber security solutions.


Programmatic delivery to maximise value from your technology investment.

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Our experience spans a range of industries both within Australia and around the world.