As distributed digital applications become more critical, the ability to connect the end-user to the applications and data they need has become increasingly important. Optimised connectivity covers networking and application delivery solutions for today’s digital businesses, where hybrid networks are the standard, and the performance of customer facing applications is vital. 

Some of the many technologies we work with in this space include: SD-WAN, SDN, cloud networking, data centre networking, and application delivery.

Cloud and Hybrid Networking

Hybrid networks present  the ability to deploy workloads irrespective of their  location, on-premise or in the cloud. We provide services that ensure  that connectivity to your application is as efficient and secure as possible,  regardless of where it resides.

Software Defined Networking

The ability to programmatically  configure the network is fundamental to agile networks that allow both the  rapid provisioning and elasticity to meet the demands of today’s business  applications.

Software Defined WAN

Software defined WAN allows the  enterprise to achieve enhanced security, performance, and flexibility, whilst  reducing management and operational costs by divorcing itself from expensive  custom-built carrier solutions.

Data Centre Networking

Our expertise in traditional enterprise networking enables us to provide solutions in these arenas, whilst also providing pathways to more sophisticated capabilities with   current and emerging technologies to meet the business outcomes of your enterprise.


The adoption of cloud hosted applications, such as  Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce, requires a new way of designing your  connectivity to ensure that your end users are getting the best possible  experience.

Network Automation

Automation of networks is the start of  significant operational cost savings as well as the ability to ensure the  network is no longer an impediment to the rapid delivery of business  innovation.

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