Network Intelligence

Basis Networks believe that network intelligence and application insight is crucial in being able to effectively deliver the best end-user experience, automate the provisioning of network and security services, and reduce the potential for issues within customer environments. This insight is also utilised for security reporting and compliance, and feeds back into the optimisation of customer environments.

Application Insight

Identify how your applications are performing in  real-time and measure them against baselined metrics. Map out  interdependencies, and identify which components are causing issues, with  data acquisition networks and analytics.

Network Visibility

Monitor, troubleshoot, and analyse what’s happening  across your enterprise network environment. Proactively resolve network based  performance issues, and report on what traffic is consuming your bandwidth.

End User Experience Monitoring

Monitor the end user experience  of every enterprise app in your portfolio, running on any physical, virtual,  or mobile device. Correlate user interactions, device health and performance,  and application performance, to give an accurate representation of the end  user experience, and get analytics to identify and resolve problems.

Cloud Performance Management

Moving your applications to a  public or hybrid cloud, or subscribing to software-as-a-service requires  relinquishing control to your cloud or SaaS vendor, while retaining  responsibility for user experience and application performance. We work with  platforms that help speed the development of high quality apps, effectively  migrate them to the cloud, and ensure they deliver an excellent digital  experience.


Report on the usage and performance of your  applications and underlying infrastructure, and automate security compliance  reporting to alleviate management overhead.


Gain access and visibility into your outsourced  network and security enterprise to provide assurance to the business that  your requirements are being met, your enterprise is performing as it should,  and changes are being implemented in line with your corporate policies.

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