Cyber Security

Your business reputation is valuable, so security should be a priority. We build security into every solution we deliver, and specialise in security architectures that extend across hybrid networks, mitigating the threats that are presented by distributed applications and users, and securing data both at rest, and in transit. Our architectures incorporate sophisticated next-generation platforms and capabilities that reflect the increasing importance and visibility of security in today’s businesses.

Technologies and services we provide in this space include: Security architectures, compliance automation, vulnerability assessments, next-generation firewalls, security management platforms, endpoint detection and response, SSL decryption, threat prevention, SIEM, detection and response, virtual SOC.

Security Architecture

Our security architectures incorporate  next-generation security with simplified operational management. We specialise in complex, regulated, hybrid  networks where security must be consistent, transparent, auditable, and  agile. Our security architecture balances cost, risk,  and usability, so that your security solution is aligned with your business  priorities.


The wide adoption of cloud has brought with it complexity in maintaining policies that are consistent across the enterprise. Basis Networks can increase your security posture, simplify your security architecture, and implement automated methods for provisioning and reporting.


Deliver on your compliance obligations with smarter architectures that limit the scope of compliance to only the relevant constructs, and remediate or transform your environment to confidently achieve compliance requirements. We also deliver solutions to automate the management of compliance policy and reporting.


We advocate the zero-trust architecture to improve your ability to defend against modern cyber threats by implementing a ‘never trust, always verify’ approach to security. Historically a challenging architecture to implement, is now simplified through the use of analysis and migration tools developed in-house.

Next-Generation Capabilities

Ensure all data and resources are accessed securely, based on the identification of several characteristics, including application, user and location. Understanding who the users are, what applications they are using, and the appropriate connection method is the only way to determine and enforce policy that ensures secure access to your data.

Threat Prevention

Threat prevention takes a wholistic approach to security, with the creation of extensive cyber kill chains to bolster network security in depth. End-to-end, granular security is fundamental to the effective delivery of threat prevention in an enterprise.


Is security a blocker or an enabler? Basis Networks provide solutions that can drastically reduce the overhead of managing security, by introducing automated change processes and compliance checks, and bringing security changes in line with the pace of business.

Assessment and Remediation

Understanding your current security posture is critical in the development of a security strategy that works for you. Our assessments look in how security is achieved in the context of your business, and provides a categorised, prioritised list of outcomes that would improve the security posture of your enterprise.

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