The Zero Trust Security Model - Introduction

Jakub Szkandera
Chief Technology Officer
Jakub Szkandera
Chief Technology Officer

Zero Trust Security

The Challenge

Traditional perimeter-centric security models are no longer capable of dealing with the sophistication of modern cyber-attacks. A more effective approach to securing the network is required.

The Solution – ZeroTrust Networks

The Zero Trust model greatly enhances enterprise security through embedding security pervasively throughout the entire network, not just at a limited number of strategic points.

In traditional models, external parties are considered untrusted, with steps taken to secure communications from them to the network. With the Zero Trust model, all parties are considered untrusted, and all communication between endpoints is secured.

Zero Trust relies on the micro-segmentation of the network to place much smaller perimeters (micro-perimeters) around areas of the network housing data of varying sensitivity and toxicity. Security controls are placed on these perimeters depending on the various requirements for securing their contents. This compartmentalisation ensures that compromises in one area do not affect others.

These micro-perimeters provide insight into network usage and security at significantly greater density than legacy approaches and allow for a much greater degree of control over who has access to what. Zero Trust must, consequently, also deliver the ability to identify users to ensure the correct application of access rights.

The Approach

The default-deny mode of operation in the Zero Trust model requires knowledge of the applications and their network usage prior to deployment to ensure that micro-perimeters can adequately secure them. This imposes a daunting first step to the deployment of the Zero Trust model in an enterprise, beyond the technical challenges in deploying the solution itself.

Zero Trust can be deployed incrementally in areas where knowledge is more extensive, or it can be strategically deployed to provide more immediate security to areas of high-risk. The model can then slowly be expanded to encompass the entire network and deliver comprehensive, end-to-end visibility and security.

At Basis Networks, we have experience in  both the up-front network application usage discovery, and the planning, design and deployment of Zero Trust networks utilising several different underlying security platforms. Let us discover how you could leverage the technologies you already own to deploy the  Zero Trust security solution for your business with our security consulting services.

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